January 25, 2017

​If you are heading out to Botswana, here are a couple of books you may want to get your hands on;

  • Okavango: Wetland Wilderness - Adrian Bailey

  • Okavango River: The flow of a lifeline - John Mendelsohn, Selma El Obeid

  • Okavango: Jewel of the Kalahari - Karen Ross

  • This is Botswana - Daryl Balfour

  • The Bushmen - A Changing Way of Life - Anthony Bannister

  • Newman's Birds of Southern Africa - Ken Newman

  • Sasol Birds of Southern Africa - Phil Hockey, Ian Sinclair and Warwick Tarboton

  • Behaviour G...

When you go through all the effort of relocating a breeding nucleus of a critically endangered species, it follows that you would pull out all the stops to try and protect them. Especially when it comes to Botswana’s only wild breeding population. Which is why, one Wednesday in November, Wilderness Safaris and Rhino Conservation Botswana were scrambling to organise a veterinarian, helicopter, truck and a team of people to rescue a tiny black rhino calf.

The calf had been found a few days earlier by Pitso Modimbura, one of o...

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