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Our Botswana safari was fantastic!

Our trip was fantastic, We saw many more animals and birds that we could imagine! I especially appreciated the fact that we saw so many different parts of Botswana and learned about the history and customs of the country, too. -- even if it meant long hours in the vehicle. However, our Driver/guide made those long days quite enjoyable with stops and many, many sightings!

The camping was a little more primitive than we thought, but every staff person did their best to make it easier for us. We appreciated the prompt answers to all our e-mails ahead of the trip and to the fact that Garrick met with us in Johannesburg before the trip to give us hints and answer more questions. He also made all the special changes and additions to fit our special situation to include some family time in eSwatini (Swaziland) before the safari.

Our fellow travelers from Australia and Austria.

David, Beverly, and James did a Small Group 10-day mobile camping trip through all the prime game viewing regions of Botswana and ended with a night at Victoria Falls to finish off their African adventure - For more information on mobile camping please click here

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