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Visiting Botswana is a unique experience in itself, an enthralling journey that awakens deep-seated feelings of wonder and belonging. Heighten the senses and explore deeper with some of these incredible experiences:


The most common and popular means of getting to see the animal and birdlife of Botswana, is on game drives. The type of vehicles vary from open-roofed Land Rovers to closed vehicles, all under the expert direction of well-trained guides.

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Taking to the wilds on foot is a completely different experience to being on a vehicle. You connect with your core, and most of all, you connect with the energy of Africa: your senses are awakened; every sight, sound and smell is more intense; you are one with your environment. The smaller creatures like insects become more visible, as do tracks and signs in the sand, providing clues as to who has passed before you. If you have the honour of being guided by a local Motswana or Bushman guide, prepare to have the secrets to a seldom-seen world, revealed to you.

On Foot


The crystal clear lagoons and channels of the Okavango are comfortably explored by boat. Covering greater distances than a mokoro, game and of course a spectacular myriad of birdlife, is often spotted along the channels. The beauty of the aquatic vegetation, from papyrus to water lilies, huge Jackalberry trees and palms, is best revealed to a boating audience. On the mighty Chobe and Linyanti Rivers, a boat excursion gives you a front row seat to the biggest population and seasonal gathering of elephants anywhere in Africa. Prepare for a most wonderful show of mammals, birds and reptiles that make this environment, their home. For all these reasons and more, boating is very definitely an essential Botswana activity.


Relax, sit back and enjoy the serene beauty of the Okavango Delta 's channels and waterways via a mokoro, as the locals call it, or traditional canoe. Under the guidance of your local expert, they will reveal the insect underworld and amazing plant life often unseen using other vehicles. From reed frogs, dragonflies and  spiders to fishing owls and eagles your time on the water is mesmerizing and peaceful like no other!


Getting between camps is most often undertaken by light aircraft, giving you an aerial view of the spectacular scenery below. If you are on a mobile safari, with no planned flights, you are able to see it all from above on a scenic charter flight from Maun - in an aircraft or helicopter. Photo opportunities are endless and the chance of spotting a rare rhino or a sitatunga are far greater from the air than on the ground!


Venturing far into the centre of the Makgadikgadi, on 4wd quad bikes, you are able to explore remote archaeological sites, periodically discovering never before documented fossil beds of extinct giant zebra and hippo. The fact that you can travel across the pans at great speed and still arrive nowhere only underlines the pans immensity. There is nothing out there. Absolutely nothing. No outcrops, no features, no grass, no trees, no sound but the crunch of your boots in the crust.


Explore the outer reaches of the Okavango Delta or the inner pans of the Makgadikgadi on horseback, while staying in a combination of permanent camps and fly camps - there aren't many adventures as sublime as this if you are a horse lover.


A tent is an often mis-used term when it comes to describing accommodation in Botswana. While on a mobile camping safari you will stay in a tent, pitched on the ground but most permanent camps are more wooden cabin, from simple and perfectly appropriate structures with a canvas or thatch roof to large architectural masterpieces and examples of modern design - with leather lounge suites, salas to sleep off the heat of the day, spas, plunge pools and more - they need to be seen to be fully appreciated!


It is hard to describe the feeling of sitting beneath the milky way on a balmy night in Africa, after spending the day exploring the water, floodplains and forests of Botswana - whether it is during dinner, after dinner with a quiet drink in hand or just sitting on your deck at your room it is a dreamy mix of unforgettable experiences by day and night. 


On Honeymoons, birthdays, Christmas, romantic occasions, family events - Botswana is the perfect destination. There is accommodation to suit every need and a range of fabulous experiences to enjoy, from private dinners under a thousand stars, to a picnic on an island and sleeping under the stars on an elevated deck. These memories will stay with you forever along with your entire Botswana experience!


Take to the skies in style and soar silently over the rich ecosystem of the Okavango Delta in a hot air balloon. Gaze over scenic splendour, watch elephants playing far below and fly eye-to-eye with an eagle. This marvellous morning ends with champagne and snacks. (April to September, selected camps only)



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