There are a lot of options as to how you experience this magical country's parks and one of the most affordable and satisfying ways of doing so is on a down-to-earth mobile camping safari. A more expensive trip does not mean you see any more than on a simple camping trip! Most of these trips start in Maun and end in Kasane, or visa versa, and vary in levels of participation. The most simple ones do involve putting your own tent up but in most cases this is done for you. What distinguishes simple camping from comfortable camping is that you use communal bathrooms and showers versus having your own en-suite bathroom with 'toilet' and shower. Food is equally simple, usually cooked over an open fire; tasty and filling.


Typically you will tow a trailer with all your camp equipment and a camp staffer will travel with you or the safari staff will drive a second vehicle with equipment and food, and move ahead to set up camp in advance while you game drive between destinations.


Average pricing per person per night, Low Season $250 - High Season $450