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The main buildings of our luxury lodges are most often constructed of timber, thatch and canvas and comprises of a lounge, dining area, bar and pool areas, as well as a gift shop and the boma area. A swimming pool or swimming pools are in the main area of the lodge, essential for enjoying a relaxing afternoon in the heat of the day.

Accommodation is typically in traditional, permanent, luxury safari tents all with full en-suite showers and double basin facilities and very often with an additional outdoor shower. The tents/cabins are very often raised off the ground and positioned to have a view over floodplains, lagoons, rivers or swamps where animal and birdlife is likely to be seen.


Most lodges in Botswana have electricity in the rooms, using a 12 Volt solar charged battery and inverter system, to provide lighting and cooling in the form of a fan - essential for travel in summer. Battery systems would be topped up by a generator at appropriate times during the day.


Average pricing per person per night, Low Season $700 - High Season $1 500

Luxury Lodge Gallery


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