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If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury travel to some of Botswana's famous lodges, where large rooms are beautifully designed and formally decorated, then these safaris are for you. Facilities may include sumptuous sala's, plunge pools, leather lounge suites, indoor and outdoor showers and fantastic views. Food and hospitality are taken to another level with internationally trained chefs, award-winning wine lists from temperature controlled cellars. Dining may be at an individual table or at a 'captain's table' where everyone sits together to chat over the day's occurrences.


Multiple indoor and outdoor dining areas, a curio shop, swimming pools, library and large deck areas also make up the facilities at our ultra luxury lodges. A spa or in-room spa treatments are also generally offered.


Most lodges in Botswana have electricity in the rooms, using a 12 Volt solar charged battery and inverter system, to provide lighting and cooling in the form of a fan - essential for travel in summer. Battery systems would be topped up by a generator at appropriate times during the day. Air conditioners in rooms are unusual but a few lodges are installing them - somewhat difficult to manage in remote locations of Botswana!


Average pricing per person per night, Low Season $1 000 - High Season $2 000

Ultra Lux Gallery


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