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Comfortable lodges generally have what most people need to be 'comfortable' - proper beds, en-suite shower and toilets, a space to hang your clothes, and a desk or dressing table. Tent structures are permanent and often raised off the ground - some are quite stylish, in a 'pared down luxury' kind of way. These lodges are focused on game viewing activities and not providing luxuries.


Some lodges may have a swimming pool in the main areas but a lounge, bar and dining area on a deck is most common. Food would be simple, tasty and enjoyable and dining is around a captain's table - where everyone sits together and chats over the day's sightings and plans. Almost all lodges have options for eating under the stars, either in a boma and or around a fire pit.


Most lodges in Botswana have electricity in the rooms, using a 12 Volt solar charged battery and inverter system, to provide lighting and cooling in the form of a fan - essential for travel in summer. Battery systems would be topped up by a generator at appropriate times during the day.

Average pricing per person per night, Low Season $450 - High Season $950


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