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Botswana is one of Africa’s premier conservation success stories. Strong government dedication to preserving habitat and tight limits on visitor numbers are helping to ensure the vitality of the natural resources needed for thriving wildlife populations.


A global leader in national commitment to protecting wild spaces, Botswana has set aside 17 percent of its land as National Parks and Reserves and another 22 percent as Wildlife Management Areas, providing crucial buffer zones between parks and inhabited communities. Botswana employs a land-use strategy devised to allow local communities to benefit from wildlife and sustainable eco-tourism. By focusing on high-quality, low-volume tourism, Botswana hopes to protect its natural treasures for posterity. Tourism currently employs nearly 45 percent of northern Botswana’s people. World Wildlife Fund also assists Botswana’s elephants and rhinos, working to slow habitat loss, strengthen curbs on illegal ivory trade and reduce conflict between human and animal populations.

We are also making a difference thanks to you booking your safaris with us, a portion of every trip booked goes to supporting these projects below and others outside of Botswana.

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