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The meaning of safari is to journey to view animals in their wild habitat and that is what these trips do and quite often in a fairly sophisticated way - some are in fact very luxurious in a 'pared-down-luxury' kind of way! Most of these trips start in Maun and end in Kasane, or visa verse, and do not require any form of participation. Tents are larger than those used in simple camping and tall enough to stand in, and may have a small desk or camping cupboard for hanging clothes. What distinguishes a comfortable camping trip from a simple one is that you have an en-suite shower and toilet per tent versus using communal 'toilets' and shower. Toilets vary from a proper flushing version to a simple pit latrine with a comfortable seating arrangement. Food is good quality and prepared by a camp chef and cooked over an open fire; tasty and filling.


There is no electricity so lighting is supplied by hurricane lamps and electric lamps and flashlights/torches and headlamp flashlights/torches are essential. All water for drinking, cooking and washing is carried with or collected at camp sites en-route.


Typically a team of camp staff will drive an additional vehicle with equipment and food, and move ahead to set up camp in advance while you game drive between destinations. It is almost a lodge safari but in fact each camp is moved and set up at each destination.

Average pricing per person per night, Low Season $350 - High Season $950


Comf Mobile Camping Safaris


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