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Upper Okavango

A great starting point with acess to the magical Tsodilo Hills - Khoi San heritage site

Nxamaseri Island Lodge sits on a private island in the permanent waters of Botswana’s upper Okavango Delta. A small, exclusive lodge, it is one of the oldest in the Okavango Delta. The distinct style of Nxamaseri Island Lodge showcases the beauty of the permanent swamp that is it’s home and subtly expresses the rich vibrance of the indigenous people.

Nxamaseri Island Lodge is one of the oldest camps in the Okavango Delta. It was established in the early 1980s by PJ and Barney Bestelink. PJ, an experienced guide, spent months exploring the permanent water channels of the delta in search of a perfect location for his home and camp. He favoured the Nxamaseri Channel for its beauty and seclusion, and eventually elected to build his lodge on a large shady island hidden in the Nxamaseri waterways.

The lodge celebrates the colourful vibrance of the Botswana culture and offers incredible views of the panhandle from the lounge area which has comfortable seating and plenty of good books to browse. Nxamaseri has a total of nine timber and canvas chalets all set beneath forest canopy on their own private, teak deck. En-suite bathrooms and ceiling fans add to the comfort of the room.

The traditional method of transport along the waterways and over floodplains in Botswana is by mokoro (dug-out canoe). There is no better way to experience the stillness and beauty of the Okavango Delta than to be poled on the water silently, gliding just inches above the crystal clear surface, eye-level with dragon flies, reed frogs and water lilies and within touching distance of the myriad of colourful fish that swim just below the surface.

Nxamaseri Island Lodge has spectacular birding throughout the year. The most exceptional birding months are from September to February, before the new water arrives. The Lodge provides unrivaled water bird viewing, having a large variety of kingfishers, herons, storks and water fowl. The area also has an impressive number of woodland and riverine forest species that occur on the islands and the seasonal floodplains beyond the camp.

Guided walks are offered on nearby islands, accessed by boat or mokoro, giving you the opportunity to experience the intimacy and piece of unspoiled Africa.

Owing to its prime delta location fishing is a one of the lodges primary activities from March – December. Tiger fish are indigenous to the area and, as one of the world’s most dramatic freshwater game fish, it provides thrilling angling for both experienced and novice fishermen.

One hour from Nxamaseri Island Lodge is one of Botswana’s greatest treasures. The mystical and spiritual Tsodilo Hills rise out of the dry desert landscape, forming the highest point in Botswana. These hills are sacred to the San people of Northern Botswana and are adorned with over 4000 ancient San paintings. A visit to these hills affords one the privilege of being able to see and feel, however briefly, the essence of an ancient culture, fragile and increasingly threatened in the face of pressure from the Western world.


Definitely one for the bucket list; peaceful, beautiful and with access to Tsodilo Hills. Now under new management which will add to the solid offering it already had.


average rating is 4.5 out of 5

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Contact us via email or call us on +27 82 338 0380

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