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Moremi & Khwai

Extraordinary experience for the adventurous, your own tree-house next to a waterhole

As the name suggests, this is no ordinary safari camp. Each “room” is actually a three-story raised platform, overlooking the wildlife-spotted plains of Khwai. Charmingly rustic yet perfectly stylish, you’ll find a bathroom with flushing loo on the first floor, a dressing area, and the ultimate cherry on the top floor, an enormous double bed, draped in white linens and a feather duvet and completely open to the stars.

Located deep within the Khwai Private Reserve, with spectacular skies overhead, you could be forgiven for forgetting about what’s happening down below. But keep one eye on the ground, for the Skybeds overlook a busy waterhole. In one night they’ve seen wild dog, lion, elephant and hyena. So, you may not get much sleep you will probably have one of the wildest safari experiences you could ever have.

The Skybeds are no ordinary camp bedrooms. You’ll be sleeping high above the plains, raised two stories off the ground, and quite literally metres from a mammal-dominated waterhole. There are only three Skybeds sleeping a total of six people, and each one is perfectly private from the next. The upper platform is your alfresco bedroom, complete with bed and mosquito net. The snuggest of duvets will keep you warm when the temperature tumbles and they’ve even got hot water bottles to keep you extra toasty. The bathroom is on the second-floor level with an enclosed shower, flushing loo, and private changing area.

The Skybeds aren’t a white-gloved, linen-tableclothed sort of place. The focus is on the experience and good, wholesome food is served around the campfire or on the dedicated dining platform, accompanied by the wandering wildlife, the sounds of the night, and a crisp G&T.

It is superbly romantic but small groups can book the camp on an exclusive basis and children 15 years and older are welcome. It is open from April to October.


For the right kind of traveler this is an exceptional experience, a night or two to remember!


average rating is 5 out of 5

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Contact us via email or call us on +27 82 338 0380

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