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Sleep out deck for Kanana

The new sleep out deck at Kanana overlooks an expansive water hole and is a mere 20 minutes gentle drive from camp. When filled by the annual rains the water hole is home to hippo, crocodile and a myriad of bird life. With the arrival of the dry season and as water recedes, the plains turn into a rich grassland and attracts abundant game by day and night!

The sleep out deck is constructed on two levels. The upper deck provides your sleeping quarters, with star lit views as you will only find in the African night sky, while the lower deck provides easily accessible amenities for those annoying calls of nature, which may drag you from your warm blankets!

After dinner in camp, you are escorted to your sleep out adventure, and find the deck appearing through the darkness lit up by flickering lamps. As you nestle deep into your comfortable bed, beneath a mosquito net, let the cool night air and African bush sounds wash over you and drift into a deep and restful sleep. Your armed guide will sleep nearby in his own tent available at an instant to assist you or return you to camp should you decide to return to your own tent.

Awakening refreshed with the light of the new day, hot coffee and tea awaits and the dawn chorus and the spectacular colours of the dawn sky can be enjoyed from the warm cocoon of your bed. At your leisure you can then enjoy a short game drive on the way back to camp for a sumptuous breakfast.

The sleep out deck can be pre-booked at no extra cost for guests staying 3 or more nights at Kanana. Enquiry with us today. Subject to availability and local conditions.


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