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Poaching in Chobe

Despite the Botswana governments strict approach to poaching, 26 elephants were killed and tusked removed on the plains of the Chobe River.

“We've never had poaching here on this scale. In the two years of the Great Elephant Census which we've just completed, this is the worst single incident of poaching I've seen,” said conservationistMike Chase, of Elephants Without Borders (EWB).

Grant Woodrow of Wilderness Safaris, said tourism along the river could act as a brake on poaching (it was a Wilderness lodge that alerted Chase to the poaching incident). However, he was concerned that the Chobe could be a conduit for poachers seeking out the Botswana herds. “The government needs to step on this quickly and hard or it could become a really big problem,” added Woodrow.

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