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Books to Read

​If you are heading out to Botswana, here are a couple of books you may want to get your hands on;

  • Okavango: Wetland Wilderness - Adrian Bailey

  • Okavango River: The flow of a lifeline - John Mendelsohn, Selma El Obeid

  • Okavango: Jewel of the Kalahari - Karen Ross

  • This is Botswana - Daryl Balfour

  • The Bushmen - A Changing Way of Life - Anthony Bannister

  • Newman's Birds of Southern Africa - Ken Newman

  • Sasol Birds of Southern Africa - Phil Hockey, Ian Sinclair and Warwick Tarboton

  • Behaviour Guide to African Mammals - Richard Estes

  • Guide to the Trees & Shrubs of the Okavango Delta - Veronica Roodt

  • Guide to the Wildflowers of the Okavango Delta - Veronica Roodt

  • Botswana Tourist Map & Guide - Veronica Roodt

  • Running Wild: Dispelling the Myths of the African Wild Dog - John McNutt, Lesley Boggs, Dave Hamman & Helene Heldring

  • Botswana - The Bradt Travel Guide - Chris McIntyre

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