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Lion Conservation - The Lion Recovery Fund

The Lion Recovery Fund’s goal is to double the number of lions by 2050 through deeper and broader actions by the conservation and philanthropic community alike. We target protected landscapes—core protected areas and the communal areas within, around and connecting them—so that they are resourced and managed to help lions, their habitats and prey, and people thrive.

  • Protecting the Core Areas for Lions The LRF is working to secure and provide conservation planning for the protection of core lion habitat across the continent, and to help establish a conservation presence in areas where there was previously little to none.

  • Promoting Co-existence Between People and Lions When conflict occurs between lions and the local communities living alongside them—typically due to lions preying on livestock—it can lead to retaliatory killings. This is one of the biggest threats facing lions.

  • Tackling the Lion Trade In recent years, there has been a marked spike in the poaching of lions for their body parts. The LRF supports efforts to investigate and get ahead of this emerging threat to lions.

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