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Connecting Botswana and Namibia - Desert Express Flights

Mack Air have started the “Desert Express”, a scheduled flight to seamlessly link safaris between Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe in 2020 and we fully support their initiative and thank them for their support. Previously we used Air Namibia from Windhoek to Victoria Falls which was not always convenient or suitable, while this new flight is pricey at around $650 pp, it does save a lot of time. You will however most likely require a night in Windhoek, either on arrival or before departing - based on the scheduled times, there are plenty of good options though!

Flight Dates are as follows from Maun (MUB)

  • Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

  • Departing MUB at 13:30 arriving WDH at 15:50

Flight Dates are as follows from Windhoek (WDH)

  • Monday, Thursday & Saturday

  • Departing WDH at 10:00 arriving MUB at 12:20

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