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A night of Game Viewing under the Stars

With such spectacular skies overhead, you could be forgiven for forgetting about what’s happening on the ground. Each “room” or 'skybed' is actually a three-story raised platform overlooking the wildlife-rich 200,000-hectare Khwai reserve. Charmingly rustic, yet suitably stylish, each skybed is illuminated by lanterns at night, providing loads of romantic ambiance. And don’t worry, there is a fully enclosed bathroom on the first floor with flushing toilets.

The platforms overlook a water hole—in one night we’ve seen wild dogs, lions, elephants and hyena! Don’t forget to keep an eye (and ear) out for elephants, eland, zebra and kudu, and an assortment of smaller nocturnal species, such as porcupines, bushbabies, genets, jackals and honey badgers. We can’t guarantee you will get much sleep, as there will be far too much to watch and listen to, but what a story to tell back home. During the day, you can head out for a game drive in the private reserve, where you may spy lion, leopard, wild dog, kudu, waterbuck, red lechwe, eland, impala, roan, buffalo, warthog and much more.

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