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Safari Travel Gear & Gadgets

Here are a couple of things I love travelling with and you might find useful on your next trip...



A head torch or flash light is compact, the batteries last a long time, and its more convenient than a traditional flash light because you don't need to hold it while you dig in your bag in the back of a safari vehicle on a night drive - who knows when the lights go out in camp! From around $20



If you want to get the best out of your safari a pair of binoculars can reveal so much more than the eye can see; animals in the distance, eye-lashes of a giraffe, a flower in a tree, birds, bugs and more. Don't rely on your guide having a decent pair, you don't want to wait to get an eyeful of the action. Theirs have been bounced around a safari vehicle for years... Amazingly good ones from $70!



On long flights, waiting around in airports, sitting in a city hotel, what better way to pass the time than listening to music. Or maybe listen to that movie on the flight, preferably noise-cancelling, blue tooth or wired... From around $30



A simple luggage lock is a no-brainer, everyone should have one. Keep your valuables locked where no-one can see them and reduce any temptation in the first place, and of course keep your bags locked through every flight! From around $7



You may not be hiking anywhere but keeping all your gadgets, jackets, hats, water bottle, sunglasses, suncream in one place means you don't have to think when you walk out your cabin or tent. From around $25



This is a great one for kids; who knows what has been strolling about in the deep of night next to your tent, or in pure daylight down to a popular waterhole - this way you can find out. Chat with your ranger about finding a good spot which animals frequent, pathways, outside gates, game paths. From $70



If you want to take your photography to the next level, a compact camera is still far more capable than your smartphone - for stills or video! Try new effects, print them bigger and better, shoot in lower light, put it on a tripod and so much more! Quality items from $500.



You were always bringing your smartphone with you but now it serves as a bird reference, mammal guide, daily itinerary guide, restaurant finder and more - all with the latest safari and travel apps! Check out our travel apps in the next post!

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